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Alejandro Giacomán: Piano Scenes

Released September 1st, 2022



Piano Scenes is a series of seventeen pieces for piano composed and recorded by Alejandro Giacomán. They were created during 2022. The first piece finally lets out ideas that originated when he was fourteen years old when experimenting on his grandparent’s (de Neymet) home Bechstein piano. The wood smell from this piano always reminds him of its original place beside a large glass door with a thin bamboo curtain, looking at a tall cedar tree in the garden. All twelve cousins could play and fool around freely with the piano. It was impossible to disassociate low notes with thunder or high notes with ants. The sustain pedal gave the great depth of caverns or space to the sound, but grown-ups asked not to use it all the time. You could always find caught on the keys a coin, a clip, or even a candy wrapper. That 3/4 size grand piano has also survived studies, scales, four hand rock & roll, music for children’s theater plays and film music sketching.

Piano Scenes takes full advantage of existing music technologies of recording and distribution that allow composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering music with complete freedom.

Alejandro Giacoman (1964, Mexico City) studied flute, saxophone, piano and composing with private teachers and at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, California. He has about a hundred film soundtracks to his credit. More info.

Score from Próxima Música is available upon email request. Synchronization Licensing also available.